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LightMatters: Innovation made in Styria

The Institute of Biophysics at the Medical University of Graz is active in the field of interdisciplinary medical basic research. One of these activities within the Nano-Medicine group under the direction of Ruth Prassl is focusing on a new measuring instrument technology under the project title "LightMatters" for the analysis and characterization of nanoparticles and biological cells for pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics. "The principle is based on the scientific finding that light exerts force on matter. This minimal force is sufficient to put small particles into motion through so-called photon momentum transfer or small light-force inductions,” explains the project leader Christian Hill. "Thousands of particles thus set in motion are filmed in a microfluidic environment, and from their motion behavior and movement patterns, statistically relevant particle parameters such as size and size distributions, weight and basic shape information can now, for the first time, be calculated simultaneously and in real time”.

This laboratory technique is used as a rapid analysis and characterization method for pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics and can also be used for the measurement of nanoscale and nanostructured objects in material research.

As a next step, this patent-pending and purely light-based technology will be utilized within a university spin-off project together with potential investors to provide laboratory equipment for industry and research.

“The renowned Styrian Innovation prize Fast Forward Award 2017 will give us even more motivation to further advance the technology, and bring it to the market” Christian HILL.

If this project could be of any interest for you in any way, as a collaborator or investor, please contact

The "LightMatters" project of the Med Uni Graz was awarded with the Styrian innovation Price “Fast Forward Award” on 13 September by more than 350 decision-makers out of the scientific and business community.

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