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Medical University of Graz

Research Unit on “Ion Channels and Cancer Biology”

In 2015, the Research Unit on “Ion Channels and Cancer Biology” was raised at Graz Medical University (MUG). This Research Unit is dedicated to the investigation of transmembrane ion channels in the plasma membrane of tumor cells and how they act as oncoproteins causing the and contributing to the significant “Hallmarks of Cancer” of malignant cells. Research goals are (i) apprehension of the transduction of extracellular signals such as neurotransmitters, growth factors and mechanical stress by ion channels within the plasma membrane, (ii) the malfunction of this process under pathophysiological conditions when cells undergo malignant transformation and (iii) translational application of insight gained at the basic science level, particularly the establishment of new prognostic markers, evaluation of new drugable targets and the development of new medication for the therapy of cancer.

The comprehensive Research Unit on “Ion Channels and Cancer Biology” is located both at MUGs preclinical Institute for Biophysics and the Oncology Department.


Members of the Research Unit:

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