Gottfried Schatz Forschungszentrum | Biophysik

Quantitative & Synthetic Cell Biology

Principal Investigator: Klaus Groschner

The group aims at understanding structure-function relations in ion channels, their optogenetic- and optoelectronic manipulation as well as role in disease ethiology


Selected Publications

• Lichtenegger, M., Tiapko, O., Svobodova, B., Stockner, T., Glasnov, T. N., Schreibmayer, W., Platzer, D., de la Cruz, G. G., Krenn, S., Schober, R., Shrestha, N., Schindl, R., Romanin, C., and Groschner, K. (2018) An optically controlled probe identifies lipid-gating fenestrations within the TRPC3 channel. Nat Chem Biol 14, 396-404

• Frischauf I, Litviňuková M, Schober R, Zayats V, Svobodová B, Bonhenry D, Lunz V, Cappello S, Tociu L, Reha D, Stallinger A, Hochreiter A, Pammer T, Butorac C, Muik M, Groschner K, Bogeski I, Ettrich RH, Romanin C, Schindl R#. Transmembrane helix connectivity in Orai1 controls two gates for calcium-dependent transcription. Sci Signal. 2017 Nov 28;10(507).

• Sytnyk M, Jakešová M, Litviňuková M, Mashkov O, Kriegner D, Stangl J, Nebesářová J, Fecher FW, Schöfberger W, Sariciftci NS, Schindl R#, Heiss W, Głowacki ED. Cellular interfaces with hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductor hierarchical nanocrystals. Nat Commun. 2017 Jul 21;8(1):91.

• Tiapko, O., Bacsa, B., de la Cruz, G. G., Glasnov, T., and Groschner, K. (2016) Optopharmacological control of TRPC channels by coumarin-caged lipids is associated with a phototoxic membrane effect. Sci China Life Sci 59, 802-810

• Svobodova, B., and Groschner, K. (2016) Mechanisms of lipid regulation and lipid gating in TRPC channels. Cell Calcium 59, 271-279

• Poteser, M., Leitinger, G., Pritz, E., Platzer, D., Frischauf, I., Romanin, C., and Groschner, K. (2016) Live-cell imaging of ER-PM contact architecture by a novel TIRFM approach reveals extension of junctions in response to store-operated Ca2+-entry. Sci Rep 6, 35656

• Doleschal, B., Primessnig, U., Wolkart, G., Wolf, S., Schernthaner, M., Lichtenegger, M., Glasnov, T. N., Kappe, C. O., Mayer, B., Antoons, G., Heinzel, F., Poteser, M., and Groschner, K. (2015) TRPC3 contributes to regulation of cardiac contractility and arrhythmogenesis by dynamic interaction with NCX1. Cardiovasc Res 106, 163-173

• Frischauf I, Zayats V, Deix M, Hochreiter A, Jardin Polo I, Muik M, Lackner B, Svobodová B, Pammer T, Litviňuková M, Arumbakam Sridhar A, Derler I, Bogeski I, Romanin C, Ettrich R, Schindl R#. A calcium accumulating region, CAR, in the Orai1 channel regulates Ca2+- permeation and gene transcription. Sci Signal. 2015, 8(408):ra131

• Muik M, Fahrner M, Schindl R*, Stathopulos P, Frischauf I, Derler I, Plenk P, Lackner B, Groschner K, Ikura M, Romanin C. STIM1 couples to ORAI1 via an intramolecular transition into an extended conformation. EMBO J. 2011 May 4;30(9):1678-89.

Schindl R#, Frischauf I, Bergsmann J, Muik M, Derler I, Lackner B, Groschner K, Romanin C. Plasticity in Ca2+ selectivity of Orai1/Orai3 heteromeric channel. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 Nov 17;106(46):19623-8.

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