Lehrstuhl für Biophysik

As our staff members teach, they impart students with basic knowledge of the mathematics and physics required for quantitative and mechanistic assessment of processes in the human body as well as an understanding of modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Besides solid basic knowledge of physics and special knowledge of medical physics, students also receive guidance in developing their ability to make a quantitative scientific assessment.

Lehre Biophysik

Interaction: Teaching and research

In accordance with the main areas of research established at the Division of Biophysics, the latest research concepts and information on technological improvements are constantly being integrated into compulsory education and made accessible in a wide variety of special courses in the diploma program and the doctoral program. This particularly concerns the fields of ion channel pharmacology, molecular pathology, quantitative modeling of disease processes and diagnostic imaging procedures. Colleagues from these clinical disciplines are intensely involved in interdisciplinary and highly practice-oriented teaching formats. Moreover, research-led teaching in biophysics and medical physics is supported by interdisciplinary teamwork with other divisions within the Gottfried Schatz Research Center.


Sen.Lecturer Dipl.-Ing. Dr.
Robert Arnold  
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Postgraduate School

Postgraduale Ausbildungen und Weiterbildungen

Neben den Regelstudien sind wir besonders bemüht, im Rahmen der postgradualen Lehre zu einem besseren Verständnis der Medizinischen Physik und Biophysik beizutragen.